Sunday, June 14, 2009


My camera is on the fritz again - so I don't have pictures from the last couple of weeks. I finally finished Claire's quilt (yeah!) and it turned out well, if I do say so myself. For my birthday, Laura and Jason were kind enough to give me a ticket to fly to Utah for a week to see Joseph, Katie and Claire. It was a great week. I had some down time from the whirl wind of the end of preschool and before the whirl wind of Daniel's last week of elementary school. I am becoming an old pro at the flying flutters as the plane took off and landed this time. I was most excited that I could take some crocheting on the plane. I finished a swaddling blanket for Garrett and another one to sell!

Claire was so much fun. I so enjoyed getting to know her little personality. She is crawling and is everywhere. She really likes to stand up best and she gets to her feet on her tippy toes. That unfortunately means she falls sometimes and usually bonks her head. One time Katie pointed to the back of her head as she crawled away from us and it was covered in little red places where she had hit her head on different things. I was worried when I first got there if she would like me. I had heard she didn't like new people at first. I decided to sit next to her as we left the airport....but she started screaming, so Joseph pulled over and I got in front. By the time the night was over, she could look at me and not scream. The next day, we were buddies. She let me feed her, change her and put her to sleep, and she would crawl up and give me hugs. That is always the best! We went shopping to several places....I was very upset when we went to Wal-mart and found out THEY STILL HAVE FABRIC! The stores around WS made us think all Wal-mart were getting rid of fabric. I saw some bee fabric and had to by some. (My class is the Busy Bees at preschool). I also gather fabric from places I have what better than bees from the Beehive state? Joseph took me to where Lindsay (Katie's sister) works and I saw where she designs scrapbooking paper and things.
I keep hoping she will design some fabric that I can make something from. That would be exciting. On Thursday while Katie was at work we went up to Bridal Veil Falls and a point, whose name I can't remember. It was beautiful up there. I had to laugh because on the way home Joseph decided to take Katie something to eat and we looked up something close on his GPS. It said there was a Sonic near by. When we followed the GPS to the was a house in a neighborhood. We thought we should go up and ask for an extra-long Coney with a Slushy! Friday we went up to SLC to see Sara, Shawn, Nathan and Ashley and we stopped at Ikea on the way. I have been hearing how great this store is......and I am sold. I can't wait to land some cash and head to Charlotte. I want to organize my sewing/computer/office room and found the solutions at a reasonable price. Can't wait to get there! It was great seeing the Dunlap kids too. My last day we got up early and went up to THIS IS THE PLACE monument and had a picnic. We made a quick stop at a great fabric store that Katie and her family have found. It was wonderful. I could have spent hours and lots of money there....but thankfully I didn't! I had a great ride home....empty seats on both planes. Thanks Joseph and Katie for a wonderful time. I also got to see Joseph play softball. It was great to see him hit.....I kept waiting for the slide across home plate during a pitch....but thankfully I didn't! That always made my heart stop!