Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spring Break

Rick took a day off and we went camping at Jordan Lake near Raleigh for one night and two days. The weather was perfect. Laura and the children joined us for a day. It was very relaxing just being outside. The boys did a little of unsuccessful fishing and Daniel rode his new bike a lot. I rode mine some and we even have a picture of Papa(Rick) riding. One of the children, and I can't remember which now, said Papa rode better because he "wiggled" when he rode.

More birthday

Family and friends came for our party and it was fun. Laura and Jason always do a party up just right! Rick did this amazing "cake" for me. He took a vegetable steamer for the grill, turned it upside down and then taped some of my favorite candies all over it. It was very creative. I think he said it "came to him in a dream".

Catching Up!

Slacker is my name when it comes to blogging. I seem to spend too much time in front of the computer for various other sitting down to blog just doesn't happen. But several milestones were missed and need to be noted. Laura had a party for Rick and I as we celebrated new decades for our birthday. It is official, Laura put up a sign to prove it....we are both older than dirt now.