Sunday, April 26, 2009


I love the colors of spring in North Carolina. Some years the azaleas get in trouble with the frost and a few did this year - but one of my bright pink bushes has been beautiful. Rick gave me a pink dogwood several years ago and it has finally gotten big enough to bloom and you to be able to really see it. It has been wonderful to see. I have a lot of things I would like to do to my yard, and each year we plan for this to be the year, but it is doubtful once again. Maybe in the fall....but for now I am enjoying my azaleas and dogwoods. I have wild white ones spotted around the perimeter of our property.

I bought a few flowers this weekend and planted my hanging baskets and other planters on my porch. I have more I hope to do another day. I can only get so many flowers at one time when I go to the nursery. On Friday there was so many people they couldn't get the flowers restocked fast enough. People were waiting in line for them to bring the flowers from the back greenhouses!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Always a Teacher

I love my daughter Laura (and all my children). I appreciate what a great job she does with the children....not just hers. I tried to capture (but they moved) a moment at the aquarium where she was showing things to her children and mine. She does a great job of being patient and "always a teacher", even when the situation and the children are challenging. Thanks for being such a great example!

Spring Break

Spring break was last week - a much look forward to change of pace. Daniel had to make up two of the days but preschool doesn't make up snow days unless it is more than five. Hooray! I know preschool Mom's don't agree. After MUCH coaxing - Laura and Jason ran away to the mountains for a couple of days and let me watch all three kids. It was the first time they had left Paige overnight. I kept them at their house so they were able to sleep in their own beds. Daniel and Rick "Bached" it for two days. Daniel always thinks that is fun. The kids and I had a great time, even though we didn't do anything exciting. We got out some eggs and hid them in the back yard for an hour. We finally quit because Sierra would hide them and then tell Jamison where she hid them and he got upset because he missed out on the "finding" part. Tuesday morning we went to the Children's Museum for a couple of hours. It was packed with some school groups from Davie - but the children had a blast. I decided not to take it personal when I got Paige up Tuesday morning and she took one look at me and threw herself down in the crib and started whining....I wasn't Mom. Sierra was fine when she came down, but Jamison came down stairs and saw me, and then he laid down in the floor and started crying. Oh well, I know they love me anyway!
Wednesday I did some sewing...still putting Claire's quilt together. Thursday morning we got up early and headed out with Laura and the children to Carolina Beach for a quick trip. Laura was kind enough to let Daniel and I come along. It rained all the way down there. The hotel had an indoor pool, so everyone had a good time. Daniel was into the 2nd book in the Twilight series and had his head buried most of the time. Friday morning we headed out to the beach where the wind was whipping the sand. We had more pool time and headed for the Aquarium at Fort Fisher. The children had a great time seeing the fish, turtles, alligators, etc. We went out to the beach at Fort Fisher where the sun was wonderful....but it was still windy. Jamison and Daniel played at the water's edge while Sierra dug in the sand until she couldn't stand the stinging anymore. It was a quick trip but a lot of fun. It was a busy week...but at least it was different. The last break until the end of the school year will be this week for Easter.....then 6 weeks steady.