Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Rick

Check out his dress. I wish we had a picture without him yawning so we could see how many babies looked like him.

Birthday week continues--we had a party for Paige yesterday- her mother will post pictures for that one. Rick's birthday is today. It is the 30th celebration of his 29th birthday (or something like that). After days of asking, he finally gave me his "menu" for his birthday meal--pork chops, these nice thick ones that his mother used to fix, turnip greens, creamed corn, and corn bread (fixed in the oven in an iron skillet). His cake with the Smith family strawberry cake. Rick's dad came over and Jacob joined us - so it was a small gathering, but he seemed to enjoy it. Daniel was somewhat excited about the cake - mainly because I didn't have any candles and we used sparklers. It definitely wasn't the same as having the grandchildren here! Rick has always said he married me for the strawberry he gets it either for Valentine's Day or his birthday every year. I wander how many he has had???????

Happy Birthday Rick - I love you and appreciate all of your hard work for our family. You are the best!!!! I couldn't make it each and every day without you.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Joseph!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Joseph, Happy Birthday to you!

One of my babies is 24 today. As births go, this one was one of the most memorable - but Rick had to tell me things that I didn't remember happening. Joseph was a week late because Rick kept telling me he didn't have time for me to have the baby. (In those days, we didn't know what we were having until birth). We had record cold temperatures, snow and ice and Rick was slammed with water jobs. I was HUGE! I distinctly remember Rick and Mike Ray coming in about 1:00 or so on this Monday afternoon and Rick telling me I could have the baby-he was caught up. Joseph has always listened to his "coach" dad over the years and it started here. We had planned to go to Chars (our favorite hot dog/ice cream place) for dinner. I wasn't feeling well and talked Rick into fixing hot dogs at the house. He fixed dinner and I went to lay down. He sent one of the girls to ask me something and I told them to get him. I think it was Laura who went in and said told her Dad I was going "he-he whosh" he-he whosh". We had been down this road before. He came running, we called my parents who lived in Kernersville at the time and thankfully they weren't home so he left a message, called a neighbor girl who had babysat occasionally and asked her to come and come immediately. I couldn't move! I thought I was going to die before we reached the hospital and they were asking me to get in a wheel chair (still couldn't move), take my clothes off (the nurse had to help me). She got me on the table some how, (they made Rick go move the car), checked me and ran me to the delivery room--this is where I don't remember a whole lot. There was a resident - Rick barely getting in the room--some yelling (my water evidently soaked the resident-so I hear) and major plop plop fizz fizz - a baby. Eleven minutes after we walked in the door. I remember thinking he was HUGE. They laid him on the scale and 13 lbs and 15 lbs was the conversation and I started into shock about then. The doctor came in to do some sewing and order something that started making me feel weird- Rick was trying to calm me down from the weight discussion. Final analyze - 12 lbs even. I believe the length was 22 1/4 not real sure about that one. This baby had BIG hands. I wanted to name him after Rick - but Rick had been wanting to name a boy after his dad - I told him this was the one - so there he was Joseph William Brewer. I love you son. You are a great man, a great father and are and have been a great son. I survived the toddler years (why I have 1/2 my grey hairs), riding on the back of my car as I go through an intersection, steals to home plate as the pitch comes across the plate, flying in little planes across a really big ocean, living on a small island during a tropical storm, and many other things, too numerous to mention. I still worry about you (as I do each of my children) every day and love watching you mature and be the best you can be. I hope you have a great day.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tough Week

The end of this week brings a mixed bag of emotion. It has been a tough one. Laura found out on Tuesday that she is having a boy! We are all happy to even out the boy/girl numbers with the grandchildren. I am sure Jason is glad to even out the hormones in his house. There are a few issues with our little guy, so fasting, prayer, and a priesthood blessing filled our week as well. We are all hopeful for a positive outcome. A feeling of gratitude for my Savior, His love for me and mine, worthy priesthood holders, and the power of prayer have all been strong emotions this week.

To add to our family emotions this week I had an emotional end to my preschool week as well. I have a sweet little boy in my class who has been having a hard time most of the year. His parents are wonderful people and we have tried to work together to help him have a successful experience at preschool. They are moving soon, the dad is already working and commuting, so this little guy has this to add to his challenges. Friday he came to school and within 45 minutes we had a full blown situation where he was out of control and I had to send him to be with the director. It was physically draining (he is a large 3 year old), and very emotional for me. It broke my heart for the director to have to take him screaming from me. I have prayed so hard to find out how to help him. Long story short, the director e-mailed me that he wouldn't be coming back. I cried most of the afternoon Friday. I am sure the emotions of earlier in the week with our family added to my state. I feel like I failed him. I hope and pray he will find a better solution in his new home. I especially hope that if he has some other health/emotional issues going on they can find out and get him the help he needs. He really is a sweet boy.

I did end the week with a great ward adult dance. Someone came and taught us how to Shag ( I found out that after dancing with Rick for over 31 years, he has always thought I danced "too bouncy". He has never said a word! Megan Sebright took pictures of all the couples, the YW babysat at the building as a fundraiser for camp. We had about 17 couples and most everyone had a good time.

I was so exhausted on Saturday from the week's events, I could hardly go. I am posting our picture and my first attempt at a balloon arch. It didn't work too well. We were close, though. Birthday week is coming. Joseph is up first, followed by Paige, then Rick, then (skip), then Katie!