Thursday, September 13, 2012


I remember watching the olympics as a child and with big kids when they were little, but we really started following them when Daniel was about 3.  We aren't real picky about whether it is the Summer or Winter ones.  This year was no exception.   I struggled through a week of little sleep, as we stayed up late every night seeing some exciting race. 
Medal Ceremony area


The grandkids really got into the action this time.  Laura's crew all picked their favorite countries and charted medals.  Thanks to Pinterest and all the ideas she saw flying around, Laura decided to host an Olympic party for a few friends......A LOT of friends turned out.  It was very hot, but the kids had a blast.  She had stations set up all over the yard.  The kids had flags, official looking bibs, and Laura had done some cute Olympic themed snacks. While the grown-ups thought they would perish from the heat (she doesn't have much shade in her yard), the kids had a wonderful time, which made it all worth it.  I didn't get any more pictures than the set-up and the aftermath, but it was all a lot of fun.