Saturday, October 13, 2012

Special Visitors!

These guys are a week apart in their birthdays....they played cute together sometimes, fought like cats and dogs other times.

All my kiddos around the table.

All my children...and they barely fit on that big couch.

Sit and Spin- his daddy had one.

Rick plays alligator with the hat and puppet...Caleb was so cute, he knew exactly what to do.

The alligator was eating his dad's foot then went for his own mouth!

The picture I was going for was a phone on each ear...then he almost attacked me with them!

Great Grandmama and Deda with Joseph and Caleb.

I couldn't get a good picture of these guys....the two Joseph's playing with Caleb.
We had a special visit from our "Utah boys" last month.  We crammed as much as we could in that week.  We would talk about the moon, especially if I had him without his dad.  This boy loved airplanes and cars.  He would sit and play with my garage and my cars, especially the two blue Sally cars for hours.  Loved, loved, loved having Caleb and his dad.  It still trips me out to see pictures of Joseph with no hair and so skinny.  Navy boot camp here he comes :(
Riding the "tractor" with his daddy.
Papa was so excited to get out the riding lawnmower, but Caleb would NOT ride with him.  His dad got on and he was all smiles to ride!  Love these boys (and the girls they left at home).