Monday, December 26, 2011

Second Annual Gingerbread House Party

                                                                     The Process

                                                                        Proud Paige

                                                               He was excited!

                                                                The back side of Sisi's.
                                               Papa had pictures to describe his creations.
                                         Jill had the "real" gingerbread house - cool roof.

                                                                        The Village

We decorated gingerbread houses last year and we enjoyed it so much I decided I want to make it a tradition.  I still haven't figured out how to include our Utah Brewer's in the fun, but I am open to ideas.  I fixed invitations and handed them out on Thanksgiving.  The goal was to get my single adult kids on a day they wouldn't be working and catch Jason in town.  We figured on the second Sunday in December.  The grand kids asked me every time they saw me was time for the party yet.  I made a made list of the candy I thought we would like and still forgot plenty.  I am saving on the computer and adding the things we wished we would have had so hopefully we will do better next time.  I spend several weeks, everytime I went to the grocery store collecting the candy. 

I used Wilton boards I bought at Joann's in a pack for the base.  I believe they were 10" circles.  I used 2 boxes of graham crackers for the houses, but wished I would have gotten 3 because I had to piece a couple of walls in a few houses.  There is always breakage in the packages.  I used Royal Icing from Wilton for the cement for my houses.  I doubled or tripled the recipe, and we almost ran out.  I need to quadriple it next year. I built all the houses the night before.

Everyone came straight here after Church that day, we had a quick, but nice lunch of French dip sandwiches, chips, and a salad.  Rick asked what dessert I was fixing....who needs dessert when you are going to be decorating houses and eating candy?

The best part was, though we missed her, Zoë slept through the whole thing.  16 month olds and a project like this, just don't mix!

Hint:  I don't every decorate- though I keep planning to do mine ahead of time- you really need one person to be the helper, especially with the children.  The parents helped the children too, but I like watching and seeing someone needs to document the fun!  Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Turkey Shirts

Here is my fun project I am have been working on for the grandkids.  I made a different one for Jamison and forgot to take a picture.  I am sitting here looking at Caleb's and wishing I had done it differently, Oh well!  Next time.  Gobble, Gobble.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


It's official......I am old and senile!.  I looked at the dates from my September Post thought it was from a year ago.  So sad.......just wanted you to know.....that I knew it!

Halloween Party

Wow!  A whole year since I posted last!  I promise- there has been lots of fun with Yaya around here....I will have to find some pictures. 

My friend has a Halloween Party every year with her grandkids and the pictures look like such fun.  So I decided to start that tradition.  We had the First annual Halloween Party at Yaya's house.  We decided not to invite Zoë - but she was missed.  I especially missed Miss Claire!  She would have made the party perfect.

We played Monster Bingo with MandM's, made a picture with Halloween foamies, played pin the Spider on the Web, made stuffed bats, read a Halloween book, ate candy, etc.  Here are some pictures of the kids with their scariest face and the Dracula cape.  I wish I had put make-up on year....we will do costumes and decorate graham cracker Haunted Houses!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Family Pictures

4 Generations of Brewers...Caleb carries the line.
A visit with Great Grandma and Great Deda.
My wonderful children...being them.

The Bells.
Just us 3 left in the house. Our "family".
The Utah Brewers.


So Paige came up to me at the beach and put her feet together with mine and we took a picture. Paige was at the house last week for Daniel's birthday and we had matching flip flops, so she wanted a picture. The things a Yaya will do! Anything for that girl....and the rest of them too.

Beach Time

The birthday boy...the one with the balloon..he dug into the cupcake! It was wonderful to be with him on his big day!
Jockey's Ridge right before a storm. The sky was unbelievable and breeze even better. Great kite flying.
Bodie Island Lighthouse...Jacob was hoping I could capture the picture like he was holding the lighthouse....I obviously didn't!
The whole crew. The picture isn't my favorite but people sure are! Wow do I feel blessed!
Uncle Daniel with Claire.
The one year olds....they were a busy pair but I enjoyed watching them be together.
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse from the bottom and 248 steps later.

Papa in full "attire".
Loved spending time with these 2. I could eat them up. I saw a picture of Caleb/Bubba from the beach and proceeded to cry for the next 2 hours....I miss them.....

I want address being a slacker about blogging. I did want to share some pictures from our trip to the Outer Banks. We had everyone together for the first time in 4 years. We have added 4 new little ones since the last time. We have been together, just not every single person in the same place at the same time.
We went to Nags Head just before Hurricane Irene hit. Some places we visited will not be the same. We had a great time and I know it will be a while before we are all together again. I am glad I have pictures to savor the moment.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yaya Week Part 1

She was dressed for success.
Daniel rang the bell!

He made it pretty far for having crocs on.

Bowling with little balls.
Making brownies.
Making suckers.

To say that I haven't blogged in awhile might be an understatement. I am grateful Katie blogs every week - or I would miss out!

Laura and Jason took a little trip a few weeks ago and I got to keep the big kids - they took Zoë. We had a great time (I did at least- they might say it was "boring" - who knew they would know that word so young?). Sisi went to a birthday party during a bad thunderstorm - and Jamison, Paige and I went to Old McDonald's for lunch. It rained the hardest going out of McDonald's and retrieving Sisi from her party. I was drenched (she had an umbrella). Monday we went to Funnigan's with some passes Laura had for us. The kids had a blast. Tuesday we went to Reynolda (I confess-I have never been) and walked around the trails and pond, saw turtles, played in the creek, had leaf races, saw underwear in a tree - what more can you ask for? Here are a few pictures.

My card was full so I didn't get pictures of our big "adventure".

Yaya week part 2 coming soon.