Friday, August 31, 2012

Beach Treasure Bags

A friend of mine had me make these bags for her grandchildren to take to the beach!  Perfect for shell seekers and other great finds at the beach.    She had seen them here.  They turned out cute.  I never heard how they kids liked them......I hope that doesn't mean they didn't :(  I know a few little beachcombers who need some of these.  I will have to add these to list of  "to make" for next beach season!  Have a great Labor Day!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

T-shirt quilt

A friend/co-worker asked me at the end of the school year if I would be willing to make a t-shirt quilt for her High School graduate.  I had not done one before, but knew I could.  But like most things I do for other people, and especially for money....I stressed about it.  I had two baby quilts to do before I would even start it, but there was a deadline.  I finished Evie's quilt and got it mailed, got Declan's quilt put together (quilting still in progress) and knew it was time to get started.  The worst part was having to decide which t-shirt to use in the squares.  Viki had narrowed down the shirts, but we didn't want the quilt to be too huge.  I found several tutorials on-line, looked at how different ones were done, and came up with a plan.  Viki picked out a plaid flannel for the back and we decided on a navy to strip it in.  I did three rows of 5 shirts down the middle with  a row of half shirts, turned side ways down each side.  I then machine quilted it.  It turned out well and Viki seemed to like and she said her son liked it too.  I was very glad when it was done.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's Summer! Party

I thought we needed to celebrate since school was out and summer had officially began.  I found these cute bingo cards here.  I believe you have to pay a little but it was worth it. 

I made a set and took to Utah and Claire and I played Bingo everyday (I was worried she would want to keep playing after the M & M's ran out - but we found some bottle caps and kept on playing).

I probably need to come up with a little more variety, because the first thing Jamison said when they came for the It's Summer! party, "I bet we are going to play Bingo with M & M's".  I guess I am too predictable.  The nice thing about picture bingo is everyone can play.   Here are a few pictures from our party.

Balloons are always a favorite.  Hanging them from the ceiling when you are not doing helium is pretty cool too.  The kids loved it.  We tried to do some water balloons but my sinks didn't fit the attachment well.  I didn't get pictures, but everyone got 2 or 3 and they enjoyed throwing them.  We didn't do a lot at this party, put having special treats, a take home bag and calling it party, seems to make everyone happy.  It was a great start to the summer.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Project Catch-up

I have been way behind in projects, and generally stay that way.  I wish I didn't like to do so many things, and then Pinterest came along and made my list a whole lot longer.  One of the things I saw on Pinterest were these with a great tutorial and pattern.  Daniel plays golf  in a program called The First Tee and I thought they would make great covers for a few of his clubs. I got all the stuff together in January and finally got them made in June for his second tournament :)

I wasn't completely happy with the noses, and would do them differently, but all in all they turned out pretty good.  He had someone offer to buy them in one of his tournaments.  That always makes me smile!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Busy Life of a Yaya - take 2

May is always a crazy time when you teach preschool and have children in school.  It seems everything that you can possibly think of happens weekly and sometimes daily.  I teach at a great preschool and forgot that we get a nice end-of-year bonus.....until the beginning of May.  The light bulb went off and I booked my ticket for Utah to see that new grandbaby (and her siblings, and her parents).  During those last few weeks of May our sweet Zoë was having some health issues.  It started with a lump on the side of her neck and ended with a diagnosis of a different kind of TB (usually found in 3rd world countries and comes from eating dirt - so Zoë).  Surgery was needed but the doctors were waiting for "just the right time"- which meant MANY trips to the ER by the daddy (mommy had a new baby).  Surgery was finally scheduled for the last day of preschool and the day before I was to leave for Utah.  I couldn't take the last day off or not easily.  Longer story short, she had the surgery (they had to scrape it and couldn't remove it because of where is was located on her neck)- things went great and she didn't have to stay and they were able to come home by lunch.  Zoë drugged was hiliarious - but that is a whole different post/story.  Anyway, it made for a hectic and worrisome last few days/hours before boarding my plane.

Here are a few pictures from my visit to see my Utah Brewer's:
Evalyn Jayne Brewer
Cheese Master "Bubba"

Princess Claire

Really cool trampoline/bounce place

I was there on Memorial Day and Joseph and Katie's Church leader manages this cool trampoline/bounce place.  He let 5 or 6 families come before it opened.  It was so much fun to watch.  My Joseph has always loved to bounce and he has always loved heights.  He didn't disappoint me with his "tricks".

They had a promotion there in Utah in the Spring where Joseph and Katie were able to get these passes for like $10 a piece and had unlimited access to several parks.  There kids were free.  We visited one of the places while I was there.  One of the things we did while there was play miniature golf.  Bubba would hit for awhile and then go and put his ball in the hole - golf Bubba style!

They were so excited to ride this- especially Caleb.  He would get away from us and find his way back there.

Daddy Daughter team versus

Mommy/son team.  They all got wet.

Another huge favorite.

Golf - Bubba style

I had so much fun this week just hanging out and playing with the kids.  We played outside and met their friends.  We even had a marshmallow roast one night - a Church party another night.  It made my summer to go spend some time with them.  I just don't get to see them enough.

Painting early one morning....I am still not sure who painted Bubba.

The Cheese group - the first day of the pool being open.
I have always loved being a Mom - even when everything is "my fault" and no one is getting along....but being a Yaya is the absolute best!  What a wonderful way to start my summer!