Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's Summer! Party

I thought we needed to celebrate since school was out and summer had officially began.  I found these cute bingo cards here.  I believe you have to pay a little but it was worth it. 

I made a set and took to Utah and Claire and I played Bingo everyday (I was worried she would want to keep playing after the M & M's ran out - but we found some bottle caps and kept on playing).

I probably need to come up with a little more variety, because the first thing Jamison said when they came for the It's Summer! party, "I bet we are going to play Bingo with M & M's".  I guess I am too predictable.  The nice thing about picture bingo is everyone can play.   Here are a few pictures from our party.

Balloons are always a favorite.  Hanging them from the ceiling when you are not doing helium is pretty cool too.  The kids loved it.  We tried to do some water balloons but my sinks didn't fit the attachment well.  I didn't get pictures, but everyone got 2 or 3 and they enjoyed throwing them.  We didn't do a lot at this party, put having special treats, a take home bag and calling it party, seems to make everyone happy.  It was a great start to the summer.

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