Sunday, February 26, 2012

Valentine Chair Back Holder

White Felt trimmed in red rick rack

straps for going over the chair

Lined with fabric

Laura wanted some of these Pottery Barn envelopes that are out of stock.  I started without a pattern, using the meaurements on the site.  They turned out pretty good.  I should have made the straps a little longer, but they work.  Even though they have a heart on them, they would be perfect for other special occasions - birthdays, just a "your are special day" to give a special treat or love note.  Children always need to know you love them.  In case the soon-to-be newest Bell comes during the night, what a cool way to let all the kids know!  (Note to self....since I probably will be the one home with them :))

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentine Party

The treats

Waiting for party! Daniel's excitement!


Boys!  They spent 30 minutes playing with this.

The art!

More art!

The girls were busy!

Love bugs!
Today we had a great Valentine party. Daniel decided he wanted to be at this one, and though he was a little bored, he did a great job playing with the kids.  We played Valentine Bingo that I found here (thank you Pinterest).  It was perfect for my 3-6 year olds.  We then played Tic-Tac-Toe that I found here.  The girls moved on to our art projects while the boys kept playing their version.  Daniel made it challenging by going way far away from the board.  I really didn't pay too much attention to exactly what they were playing....all I know is they had a good time and Jamison was having fun.  A co-worker had given me a container of Love Bug stickers.  I had used the die cut machine at work and cut out a bunch of hearts from some of my stash of scrap book paper (making sure I had a few sparkles in there).  I had the idea for them to make creatures (thinking Jamison would like that) from the heart shapes, but the girls were more interested in just making pictures.  I printed off this for the kids to use the Love Bug stickers.  We are going to do this for preschool too.  The last art project was painting with a mixture of shaving cream/school glue/red paint.  It makes it puffy.  Jamison did do a little art project using the hearts and making monsters with lots of googlie eyes and large mounds of glue for the nose and mouth. 
We came upstairs and had grilled cheese sandwiches on heart plants, their choice of chips and special soda.  I bought the half size Wal-mart brand lemon-lime soda, opened it and put one drop of food coloring in it and it made it pink.  They thought that was cool. 
Yesterday I made some treats.  I took a double heart cookie cutter, made rice krispie treats, adding some pink food coloring and molded them.  I used this idea, though I didn't use strawberry marshmallows, for marshmallow pops.  The favorite was the pretzel/Hershey Kiss/M&M treat.  Everyone went home with a ballon, marshmallow pops, their plates and cups.  It is so much fun being Yaya.  It is always a little bitter sweet.....I don't get to do these things with my Utah Brewers.  I think a "Party in a Box" needs to head their way this week.  Daniel was upset the littlest Bell didn't come but I made sure she had a ballon, plate and cup.  We will include her in our Easter party.  Happy Saturday!