Thursday, March 26, 2009


I can't spell success without doing in a "cheer" form in my mind. I think I went to too many basketball and football games at one point in my life :). Since I have been Activities Committee Chairman at Church - since June of last year-I have been worrying about the Teacher Appreciation Dinner we do annually in our ward. Last night was the big event. These events are scary when you are furnishing the food, and you are never sure how many people are coming. The numbers changed daily, and in the end, hourly. I told the Ward Correlation Committee - that if my committee was in charge, it was going to be a ward event. It turned out great. Everyone helped. Our theme was "It's Magic". Wayne Bills, a wonderful speaker, came and entertained us with a magic act. The children loved it. At one point we were expecting over 100 people, but people got sick and we ended up with about 80. We had over 20 teachers there, so that was great. We had youth do some "dinner" music as well as Marie Roth. We had planned to do Chicken Cordon Blue, but I bought the wrong chicken and ended up doing an Italian breaded chicken, an Asian Broccoli Salad, roll, and my(or should I say Jan Eckholdt's) Cream Cheese Potatoes. For dessert we did large brownies with a scoop of ice cream and drizzled chocolate syrup. It was all yummy. The youth served and did a great job. We ended the evening with the children standing up and telling something they liked about their teachers. The Activities Committee has had an event every month since October. We are taking a break. Next big event will be Pioneer Day. Today I am trying to recuperate....I should have taken the day off - but I forgot temporarily how wiped out I am after such events. Spring break starts tomorrow!! The clown is from something we did in preschool this week. The circus came to SPP.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Katie's Challenge

So my daughter-in-law Katie put this thing on her blog - the first 5 people to comment get a homemade gift from her. The catch was we had to put it on our blog too - so I like to make things for people, so that is okay. I have lots of baby things made now - so if you have need - that would be easy. Katie put a year time limit to get the gift there - I can go for that too. Ready, set, go.