Sunday, October 16, 2011


It's official......I am old and senile!.  I looked at the dates from my September Post thought it was from a year ago.  So sad.......just wanted you to know.....that I knew it!

Halloween Party

Wow!  A whole year since I posted last!  I promise- there has been lots of fun with Yaya around here....I will have to find some pictures. 

My friend has a Halloween Party every year with her grandkids and the pictures look like such fun.  So I decided to start that tradition.  We had the First annual Halloween Party at Yaya's house.  We decided not to invite ZoĆ« - but she was missed.  I especially missed Miss Claire!  She would have made the party perfect.

We played Monster Bingo with MandM's, made a picture with Halloween foamies, played pin the Spider on the Web, made stuffed bats, read a Halloween book, ate candy, etc.  Here are some pictures of the kids with their scariest face and the Dracula cape.  I wish I had put make-up on year....we will do costumes and decorate graham cracker Haunted Houses!