Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yaya Week Part 1

She was dressed for success.
Daniel rang the bell!

He made it pretty far for having crocs on.

Bowling with little balls.
Making brownies.
Making suckers.

To say that I haven't blogged in awhile might be an understatement. I am grateful Katie blogs every week - or I would miss out!

Laura and Jason took a little trip a few weeks ago and I got to keep the big kids - they took Zoƫ. We had a great time (I did at least- they might say it was "boring" - who knew they would know that word so young?). Sisi went to a birthday party during a bad thunderstorm - and Jamison, Paige and I went to Old McDonald's for lunch. It rained the hardest going out of McDonald's and retrieving Sisi from her party. I was drenched (she had an umbrella). Monday we went to Funnigan's with some passes Laura had for us. The kids had a blast. Tuesday we went to Reynolda (I confess-I have never been) and walked around the trails and pond, saw turtles, played in the creek, had leaf races, saw underwear in a tree - what more can you ask for? Here are a few pictures.

My card was full so I didn't get pictures of our big "adventure".

Yaya week part 2 coming soon.